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Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies 1971-2006: Cumulative data-set and documentation

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DANS Data Guide, DANS – Data Archiving and Networked Services, Volume 7, The Hague, p.264 (2010)




The Department of Political Science and Research Methods, University of Twente in cooperation with DANS, has published a cumulative data-set that incorporates the Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies (DPES) conducted between 1971 and 2006.
The DPES 1971-2006 cumulative data-set provides directly accessible information on change and stability in electoral behavior and political orientations in the Netherlands. The data comprise the more frequently asked questions of these Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies.
The documentation accompanying the data-set is included in the book Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies: Data Source Book 1971-2006 (by Bojan Todosijević, Kees Aarts & Harry van der Kaap; DANS Data Guide 7, The Hague, 2010).
The data-and documentation are distributed by the Data Archiving and Networked Services – DANS, The Hague, The Netherlands. The data and the codebook in electronic format can be freely downloaded at:
DPES data and documentation can also be searched through, browsed, analyzed and downloaded via the DANS EASY online analysis tool, accessible at:

Additional information about the DPES series can be found on