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Newsletter May 2018

Dear POVB standing group members,

The spring term is soon ending. Before heading to summer holiday, we would like to remind you on some of the forthcoming activities and inform about the organizational changes in the steering committee of our standing group.

Our standing group is hosting three sections at the ECPR General Conference 2018 in Hamburg (August 22–25). Laura Sudulich and Wouter van der Brug are chairing a section Turbulent Elections with seven panels and 35 papers. Hanna Wass and Jeffrey Karp (Brunel University) act as chairs in a section Democracies at Risk with five panels and 23 papers. This section is organized in collaboration with the Electoral Integrity Project, directed by Pippa Norris. Finally, Ioannis Andreadis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Georg Lutz (Université de Lausanne) are chairing a section Political Elites and Voters in Electoral Democracies with ten panels and 50 papers. Altogether, this means over 100 papers which is a clear indicator of the topical relevance of our standing group. Those who are planning to attend the conference, please make sure to visit some of these panels. Several panels are still in need of a discussant and chair. If you are interested in acting as either, please contact the section chairs with your preference.

After the Hamburg General Conference, the composition of the steering committee of the POVB will change. Because of his other academic responsibilities, Wouter has decided to step down from the steering committee. Hanna and Laura, in turn, have indicated an interest for a re-election to an election committee nominated in the Oslo POVB business meeting. The election committee is chaired by Professor Oddbjørn Knutsen (University of Oslo) and includes the four members: Mauro Barisione (University of Milan), Gail McElroy (Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin), Carolina Plescia (University of Milan) and Lorenzo de Sio (Luiss University, Italy). They have propose the following scholars to be members of the steering committee for the POVB standing group for 2018-2021: Romain Lachat (Cevipof, Sciences Po, Paris), Laura Sudulich (University of Kent) and Hanna Wass (University of Helsinki). An election will be held at the SG business meeting during the Hamburg General Conference. Please check the conference program for exact time and location of the meeting as it has not yet been announced. Unfortunately, we have no resources for catering so we recommend to bring some sort of packed lunch to the meeting.

The call for paper proposals for the ECPR Joint Sessions at the Université catholique de Louvain, Mons (April 8–12, 2019) will open on August 1. There are altogether 30 workshops. Our standing group has endorsed the workshop Electoral Democracy and European Integration: How the Current EU Crises Affect Voters, Parties and Elections in the European Multi-Level Electoral System, directed by Hermann Schmitt (Universität Mannheim) and Eftychia Teperoglou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

Announcements posted by members on the POVB website: Call for Modules 2019 Swiss Election Studies. If you have any upcoming events or other announcements, we warmly encourage you to upload the information at the POVB website. These will be added to the newsletters (if the deadline is still forthcoming when the next newsletter is sent).

Hanna Wass will be participating in the first Standing Group Convenors retreat in Colchester on June 21. If you have any ideas for developing further activities within our standing group and some other thoughts you would like to be shared in the meeting, please contact Hanna ( ).

Finally, there is a new EU data protection regulation enforced on May 25. As this influences also to newsletters, the current edition will be the last one you receive via the POVB membership database. From now on, we will use the ECPR newsletter. If you wish to continue receiving newsletters, please make sure that you have an updated MyECPR account and that you renew your POVB SG membership every year.

We wish you a wonderful and relaxing summer,
Hanna, Laura and Wouter