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A new populism index at work: identifying populist candidates and parties in the contemporary Greek context

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Journal Article


European Politics and Society, Volume 18, Issue 4, p.446 - 464 (2017)



Candidates, discourse, Greece, populism, surveys


Interrogating available indexes from a discourse-theoretical point of view, this paper utilizes a reformulated populism index in order to identify populist parties. In particular, the index is applied in a candidate survey carried out in Greece in 2015. Findings indicate that this index allows for a clear differentiation between populist and non-populist parties. Based on candidate attitudes, SYRIZA and ANEL belong to the first group whereas New Democracy, PASOK and River to the second. The examination of additional survey items reveals a clear ideological division within the populist camp: right-wing populism is exclusionary, while left-wing populism more inclusive and pluralist.